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Musings February 2024

I refuse to let 

aggressive and malicious folk

get under my skin. 

Their problem is theirs, not mine.

I know I have forever 

I live

as I might die


“The two kingdoms of God.”

I cannot control 

the future nor the past .

No matter what

I aim to live now

for the eternal then.  

For 10-10 life (Life to the full. Jn 10,10)

I try to live across my PIES

self-control, wisdom, courage, and justice:

giving my SONG

their due.

(PIES = physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions of my life

SONG= self, others, nature, God.)

I ignore flattery.

Though I listen to criticism

as it may well contain

more than a modicum

of truth.

I delight, celebrate

and give thanks to God

for the pleasures his creation offers me.

To enjoy them more 

at times I abstain.

My vanity 

and fear of ageing prematurely

control my gluttony.

Thank God.

Folk are as varied 

And as attractive

as the animals 

in a decent zoo.

There is but one creator God

No matter how many names we give that Divinity

No matter how different cultures imagine him/her/they to be.

There is but one humanity

no matter which

race, gender, intelligence 

morality and faith each may have,

each has the dignity of a child of God.

The providential irony of history .

Henry Ford good friend of Hitler

Invented mass production methods

Which Bill Knudsen 

after his move To Generally Motors perfected

 would beat Hitler and the Japanese.

I have seen how

Money can't buy happiness 

Nor character

Nor morality 

Though maybe

Better health.

I read



Do my daily exercise routine 

Drink coffee

Olive oil

And take vitamin D

As minefields

To keep dementia

At bay.

Wars, wars, wars

As climate change

Destroy lives

And hope.

Books enable us

To cross the oceans  

Of human imaginations, discoveries, and dreams

Without the need 

Of leaving home.

Folk are as varied 

and as attractive

as the animals 

in a decent zoo.

Never judge

A character

By their face

Or wealth.

Morel likely

By their friends.


Alive today

Is at peace

With whatever the future may bring


God will be there within

And without

My friends. 

My financial poverty

Attracts real friends

Who have nothing

To take.

As a key fits its lock

my qualities

used well

enable me

to fulfil my role

not another's 

on this earth.

Temperament, education, life experiences 

And cultures

Shape the way we see

The world.

All Christian denominations are

Different regiments

In the same God's Kingdom


And that is how they ought to


Whatever others say or do

I try

To follow my conscience

No matter what.

Helping others

Increases my inner peace

And joy.

Admitting my mistakes 

makes me more merciful

With those of others 

and thus, more Christlike .

Anger is a sign

Of foolish weakness

To be avoided

At all cost.

God is

Because things are

So many so complex 

So beautiful.

Our values generate

Our radical value.

I pray for people

Not to change God

But to unite them to me.

It often helps

Both me and them.

God's presence in my heart


My self-control.

Beauty is felt

In the loving heart

Of the beholder.

God is not a noun

With its boundaries 

But a verb

Being, creating and loving

For our benefit.

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