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Life Squared

As I approached my 80th birthday, I wanted to find out what I really thought about life. Writing this book has crystallised my experiences.

I now know better what I have learned and what I think.

Now, that I’m coming to the end of my life, I have finally learned how to live. Time’s slippage nudged me to act on my dream of passing what I have learned on to others.

Father Vlad

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The original title of this book was "The Art of Aging Gracefully". However, as soon as I started to put down in writing the experiences of my life, the lives of my congregations, allies-in-life, colleagues and friends, it became obvious that this is just one art - among many. You, dear reader might have your own – perhaps even better - ways of tackling the autumn years of your life.

Prof. Msgr. Vladimir Felzmann aka Father Vlad

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