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Advent 2023 Musings

To be free

to delight 

in the present of the present

in which God is present

slash the sinews of the past. 

Personal history is

but a rehearsal for now.

Prayer sets us free 

from grief and anger 

the dead weights of life.

Look up

look forward

live in hope.

Old Age

Autumnal leaves

Leave the trees

To enrich the earth

For next year’s


Hope knows

The journey

To the future

Is worthwhile

No matter what.

Made for life with God

Aiming for anything less

Is bound to disappoint

No matter how rich, powerful, or famous

One might become.

Motives spin

Unseen hawsers

Pulling us through

The fiercest tides

And steepest slopes.

I care for my body 

a gift from God

Using vanity to fight gluttony

Pride And my OCD

To supress sloth

social insecurity and lust.

Thank God

So far, this seems to work. far.

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