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The Most Holy Trinity

At that mass, Arty – Arthur – Young received his first holy communion for what I have been preparing him these past few months.

My sister, Jarmila, over in London from Paris to celebrate my 85th was there with our niece Catherine.

A great day.

“And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.”

As we come to the end of this year’s Paschal Mystery and the birth of The Church, we celebrate God – as God has been revealed by Jesus Christ.

God – ad extra- is always triune – and is with us until the end of time. “The works of the Trinity on the outside are indivisible.” In every act of creation and redemption, it is the Father working through, as St Irenaeus classically put it, his “two hands” the Son and the Spirit.

God lives by giving. Ad extra – in creation - he gives us his own life, on Calvary and now in holy communion - as Arthur will, for the first time, be able to receive him into his heart today.

Internally, ask yourself, who comes first, a father or a son? (Hand clap) Which hand clapped first? Neither. Both. There is no parent unless there is a child. Father - Son is a mutual gift.

Father gives childhood the instant childhood generates fatherhood. The mutual gift of father- son is the divine ‘we’, the Holy Spirit – internally uniting the Godhead and externally us to each other.

Every single triangle has three sides. In the blessed trinity, there are the three persons. The I and the you of father and son held together by love in the divine "We" , the holy spirit.

That mutual gift is Ubuntu: good for both. I have learnt that living by giving is the optimal way of life.

I give what I have received – God’s love.

If you are assaulted by anxiety – easy enough given the way the world is – thank God for what you have received and still have.

I thank God that God has revealed his trinitarian reality.

On the flag of Israel there is the Star of David, made up of two triangles, a reminder - to me - that The Blessed Trinity is there in heaven, and here, all around us. A deep mystery. The full beauty of which we will see only see after death, when we are born into divine eternity. 

To experience that, I live in hope.

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