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June 2024 Musings

If an enemy 

slams and locks your door

knock a hole in the wall 

and build a new one

as I did

in 2011.

Many autumnal 

arboreal colours

are as glorious

as many

of my ancient friends.

Talking with God

slows down ageing

and keeps me young

at heart.

Universe's evolution's billions

are human life's decades.

God took four billion years

to enable me

to live

as I am.





every second

is a gift.

So, I thank God 

every morning 

when I say

You know everything 

You know I love you.

So many

Of our mundane memories

Like snowflakes on a warm finger



Powerful experiences

Like diamonds on the palm of our hand


Enriching the constant 

Presents of our lives.

The experiences of change

demonstrate the existence of time 

which enables us to hope for a better and fear for a worse future

the as yet inexperienced reality

of our life.

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