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Father Vlad in Canada

A couple – Brian, who had been Chief of Saskatoon Fire Service and the most recent fire  station is named after him, and Toni, at whose wedding in London I officiated a few years ago – I have known Toni for some three decades – invited me to stay with them in their Saskatoon home.

There I celebrated the masses whose homilies are on the website.

For my birthday on the 6th May, they drove me on the 5th and then back on the 7th to and from Banff – a splendid place.

On the morning of the 6th we went up to the top of Sulphur Mountain by the cable-car gondola – a splendid view - and then in the afternoon took the Hot Springs bath. The day ended with a lovely meal.

On the lengthy drive home, I sketched out my next book, “Living with Hope.”

On the evening before I departed on the 9th, they invited their  closest friends to dinner. There were ten of us around the table.

 My 85th birthday is etched into my memory.

Thanks to lunch every day, I returned two pounds heavier than I had  left LHR.

With my ‘double two out of three meals diet’, (Two out of three meals, two out of three days.) these will evaporate soon enough.


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