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Corpus Christi

“This is my body. This is my blood”. This is who I am. This is my life.

We are what we eat. We convert our nutritional intake into our body.

With Holy Communion we are nourished across our PIES.

Physically, the host does little to our body.

However, if we digest it well, we can receive vast benefits intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Think who Jesus is. Thanks to the gift of our faith, we know that Jesus is God in our human vernacular. Ask yourself, 'How will I allow that wonderful fact to affect my day - my coming week?’

Emotionally! I am loved by God - each communion is renewal, in my case, of my Eriskay experience when I was aged just 15.

Spiritually, I am one with God. God is in me, motivating me to live for others, enabling me to live in hope and avoid the ageing of worries and anxieties. All will be well.

To digest the fullness of the Host, we need a few moments of silence. If not at mass, when you return home, give yourself a few minutes of silence to absorb the immense reality of your Holy Communion.

Going home on the bus gives me that opportunity.

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